In light of recent news of the Corona virus spreading across the world and now into Ottawa we are being proactive to make sure that we are transparent with our community and venues. Given the nature of our parties, we have always prioritized the safety and health of our members and guests. While it deeply hurts us to postpone our events for this Spring, our community, staff and our families are our number one priority. We fully intend to reschedule these events when it is safe to host them once again and hope that you will support us in this decision.


We will be refunding tickets shortly. You can stay informed through our social media and newsletter.

Please see our full statement Here


Swing your axes on Sunday, April 19th for our first Axe-Throwing Mixer at the lively LumberJaxe in Hintonburg! From 7pm- 11pm, meet other amazing local couples and solo people open to the non-monogamous lifestyle while throwing sharp objects at targets! 


Tickets are $30 per person 

This event is expected to sell out so buy your ticket in advance or else there may not be room when you arrive. Solo men should especially pre-purchase tickets as there is a limited number available. 



From 7pm-10pm we will have a fullhouse of staff and coaches to help you with your axe-throwing arm as well as a fully stocked bar with plenty of local craft beers and music. We will be having our optional tournement at 9pm and guests can choose to sign-up or continue socializing and casually axe-throwing. We will have other fun mini-games and ice-breakers throughout the evening for you to enjoy as well. 


From 10pm- 11pm will be casual mingling and fun. 


This is a great event for people looking to find other non-monogamous folks who are looking to date or only looking to connect and talk. This is a mixer and not a support group so we will not be running any kind of seminar or workshop during. This is more about having a good time in a relaxed and inclusive environment.


This is a public event meaning that you do not have to be a member, though members do get a discount on tickets. This event is perfect for those looking to also find out more about our membership and get vetted too!


*This venue is not accessible*

Lumberjaxe is located at 250 City Centre Ave #232-230 which means that you must go up the stairs once you enter the building to find us on the top floor. There will be signs to tell you where to go. There is also free and paid parking in front of the building. 

Axe-Throwing Mixer


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