Prepare yourself for a night of glam and art as we host our very own Gala at the gorgeous Orange Art Gallery. "Paint the City" Masquerade Gala is a thrilling exploration of classical and modern art as we strut down the red carpet and connect our different communities with art and music. From 8pm until 1am, dress in your darkest attire with stunning and creative masks as we party the evening away with amazing music, dancing, drinking and more. 


Tickets are $25 per person 

Members get 15% off their tickets with the discount code given in the newsletter. 


"Paint the City" is a new series of ultra luxurious galas we are hosting where you get to flex your fashion muscles while enjoying an explosion of classic and modern art together. From wall to wall local art including highlighting some of our very own member's pieces as well as interactive fun for everyone to enjoy. 


A Gala isn't complete without a red carpet! We will have our red carpet with optional photographers onsite to capture your moviestar moment or you can walk the redcarpet right into the event (no photos). There is a strict dresscode for this Gala. Absolutely no casual clothes. We want to see creativity and glamour. 


Everyone 19+ is welcome to join. 

The bar will have credit, debit or cash available. 


We will be showcasing local artists where a couple of their best pieces will be on display in the lower level from 8pm- 11pm. 


This venue is somewhat accessible, please contact Orange Art Gallery for details. 

"Paint the City" Masquerade Gala


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