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Join us on October 27th for our Members Only Hotel Party! We are so excited to be returning to one of our favorite hotels in Kanata for play and fun! We will be heading to the Homewood Suites in Kanata. Party starts at 9pm and all those attending (who do not have their own room) must be at our party before 10pm or you may not have access to the party. If you have your own room then you can come and go as you please.


Costumes are encouraged! Best costume will get a prize! 


Please keep in mind that there is limited space so do not bring extra bags, pack light!


There is a maximum of 40 tickets for this event and only members will have access to it! You must get your tickets beforehand as the room numbers will only be emailed out to those who have their tickets on the day of the party. Our rooms are for play only so if you'd like to stay the night or have more private play space then we would recommend you get your own rooms as well. 


Tickets are priced individually, they are not couples prices. There are no physical tickets. Once your ticket is bought we will record your name and on the day of, we will email you the room number.


If you are buying more than 1 ticket, please make sure to include the other member's names in the comments!


Solo Male tickets will be made available on October 13th at 9am and only 3 tickets will be available. 


Note: there is no balcony at this venue so smokers will have to go downstairs and outside. 


If you'd like to bring a snack (optional) you're welcome to do so for the party!


  • No Closed Doors.

  • No Play in the Bathrooms please.

  • Absolutely NO play or any kind or partial or full nudity is allowed in the hallways. Bring a cover and casual clothes for between rooms and coming too and from the party. 

  • BYOB: Bring your own alcohol and make sure you have a safe way to get home afterwards if you are not staying the night. You are 100% responsible for your alcohol both consumption and storage/ sharing. 

  • Noise levels will have to be moderately low as there will be other people on the floor besides us. This will not be like a club and we ask that everyone enjoy themselves while still being cautious of the noise level. 

  • Like any venue; you break it, you buy it. Please be careful. 

  • Discretion is key if we would like to host more hotel parties so please make sure you are not disturbing guests or staff. The management are aware of our intentions. Simply come up to the proper room number without announcing that you are there for a sex party. 

Spooky Hotel Play Party


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