Join us for our Non-Monogamous Spotlight Mixer on March 6th at the gorgeous Charlotte on Elgin St. From 8pm- 12am, meet other amazing local couples and singles who are interested or actively in the non-monogamous lifestyle. This will be a great opportunity to talk and socialize with likeminded people in Ottawa! This is also an opportunity for potential members to get vetted and to meet other existing members as well.

Tickets are $10 at the door and $8 in advance.


Stoplight Party means that we will have different coloured bracelets to indicate to people what you may be looking for! It is completely voluntary to participate and you can wear more than one bracelet for whatever works for you!


Red: Closed Relationship, just looking to make friends

Yellow: Might be interested, looking to explore possibilities

Green: Looking for someone tonight, tomorrow or for the rest of your life

Purple/ blue: Identify as Polyamorous 

Black: Kinky


This is a great event for people looking to find other folks who are looking to date or only looking to connect and talk. This is a mixer and not a support group so we will not be running any kind of seminar or workshop during. This is more about having a good time in a relaxed and inclusive environment. 


This is a public event meaning that you do not have to be a member, though members do get a discount on tickets. This event is perfect for those looking to also find out more about our membership and get vetted too!




Unfortunately this event is not accessible. 

Stoplight Mixer

C$10.00 Regular Price
C$8.00Sale Price

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