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Why Become A Member?

Our members helps us to build a wonderful and exciting community which allows everyone to play and have fun safely in a space they know has been carefully created to be just that, safe and fun. The majority of our exclusive adult-themed parties are members only and since every single member is personally vetted by our team, you can trust that not only are there going to be people you actually want to chat and play with but that you also know will be safe. Everyone will be sociable, clean and non-judgemental and no one can just walk in off the street. To become a member you must attend one of our Mixers or Dance Parties to be vetted by our team, in person.

Those who present themselves as clean, safe, social, sexy and ready to mingle will be offered the chance to become a member of Lux Velvet for $ 65 (plus taxes). This is a yearly membership starting when you sign-up. There is no guarantee that anyone who attends a Lux Velvet Party will be offered a membership, rather we have a standardized vetting system which allows us to equally assess and choose folks who are Lux Velvet material and will add to our community. Potential members can be vouched for by a current member and will be strongly considered in the vetting process but is still not guaranteed. Members can vouch for potential members by emailing us their name and email with permission from the potential member to contact them.


Our member’s identities is kept strictly confidential and secure and since everything is done electronically, there is no papers or membership cards to worry about being misplaced or lost. We have worked extremely hard to make sure that our site and systems is as secure as possible and it is fundamental to our company moving forward that it continues to make security and confidentiality a pillar of our brand, community and company. 

What does Membership Give You?


Members get invited to all Lux Velvet events including the member exclusive events.

Members are also invited to join our private Facebook group and forum to stay connected with other members!


Members get regular email updates keeping them in the loop on upcoming events, new blog content and more.


Members get a special discounted price on the majority of mixers.

Make sure to come to one of our Mixers to get vetted! Vetting is simply a conversation to make sure that all of our members are sociable, respectful and likeminded! 

Only the best become one of our members!

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