Lux Velvet is a brand new event organizing company which hosts parties all across Ottawa where your wildest fantasies can come true. Our company creates a unique party atmosphere where you can dance and meet like-minded young people and if you join our membership, you can get access to the best private adult-themed events as well. Our events combine elegance and luxury with the adult fun our members crave.

Our Exclusive events ranging from fancy private venues, clubs and mansions allow members to meet, mingle and play with other amazing people around Ottawa. To get the invite to our private exclusive parties, you have to be personally vetted by our team at one of our Mixers. This makes sure that everyone at our adult parties are awesome, sociable people that you might actually want to play and mingle with.  

While exclusive events are invite only for our members, our Mixers are open to folks interested in having a great time with people in amazing clubs across Ottawa. Our Mixers are a chance to dance and party with us and other hotties around Ottawa in a no pressure club or bar environment before coming to one of our adult themed exclusive parties.

All of our parties prioritize the safety and comfort of everyone attending and we take extra care to make sure that there is absolutely no shady, disrespectful or creepy behaviour at our events. We carefully select our venues to make sure that they prioritize making everyone feel safe and comfortable at all times. Belligerent, bigoted or rude behaviour simply will not be tolerated. Women or female identified people can feel absolutely comfortable coming to our events with their friends or even solo knowing that they will not be gawked at or pressured by others attending. Same goes for queer folks, people of colour or any other people who sometimes are made to feel uncomfortable at clubs, Lux Velvet acknowledges this problem and is actively trying to provide a space for everyone to enjoy. 

All events are 19+ 

  • Join us for our monthly Lux Velvet Mixers or Dance Parties at a different central location in Ottawa each month. Show up in your best dressed outfit and party with us. These themed parties welcome everyone (19+) who would like to attend and is a great chance to just have an amazing time out on the town. This is a kind of Meet & Greet where you'll meet other young singles and couples looking to connect with like-minded and sex-positive people from across Ottawa.  


    For people interested in becoming a member, this is also your chance to get vetted before being allowed to sign up. Our Mixers are not sex parties but are your way to get access to the best Exclusive adult-themed parties across Ottawa that are invite only. 

  • No more awkward conversations with someone 3 times your age or creepy dudes who don’t take no for an answer. Everyone at our parties sees the value in creating a welcoming environment where people can explore, talk and just enjoy their time without feeling pressured or gawked at. If any problems do arise, we have a strict 1 strike policy that we will enforce so that that problem never happens again. Our guest's comfort and safety is of top priority and so is their enjoyment in our space.  

    Want access to these kinds of parties? Become a member and you'll get invited to all of these private events and more! We only let those who exemplify our Lux Velvet Standard to become members and take way everyone who comes to one of our exclusive parties is the best that Ottawa offers.

  • Our members get access to the best events around Ottawa but our membership isn't just about parties. We are all about creating experiences and connections with amazing like-minded people by building a community. Our Lux Velvet community is almost 300 people strong already in 1 year and we are growing all the time. 

    Our Lux Experiences are all about creating opportunities to connect with others and more importantly, yourself. These events include Clothing Optional Yoga, Axe Throwing, Glow in the Dark Battle Nights and so much more! 

    You must be a member to get access to our Lux Experiences.

Lux Velvet is female owned and operated out of Ottawa, ON.

Our team is dedicated to creating parties that even young solo women like us can feel comfortable attending, even for a play party 

We strive everyday to make our parties welcoming and fun while protecting our guest's privacy and wellbeing.

Guests will always see us at our parties and know that they can come chat with us at any time with concerns, questions and more.