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Meet Lux Velvet’s first luxury toy that brings together elegance, quality and pleasure to give the best internal massage no matter how you like to play. 

Designed by women with years of experience in the sex toy industry and sexual health training. This hypoallergenic toy is perfectly shaped to stimulate the g-spot or for anal play. 

"The perfect combination of angles and smooth glass to make for a gloriously messy orgasm."


"Sleek, Elegant and Orgasmataculous!"

"I love the weight of this toy, it takes all the work out of play. Just slips right in and hits that perfect spot every time!"

"I dropped this toy on the floor and not a scratch. It really is shatter-proof!"

"I love having the option of the small curved ball to stimulate my g-spot and the slightly larger grouped balls make for a perfect ending."


Made from all American Sinax Glass, one of the best glass producers in the world who are known for creating high-end glass for scientific experiments and other luxury products.


Each toy takes our expert glassmaker over 40 hours to make and each one is sculpted by hand and analyzed under a polariscope to make sure there is no imperfections or stresses in the glass on the molecular level. 


100% non-toxic, phthalate free and non-porous and will not stain, discolor or begin to smell over time. Perfect for sensitive skin or those playing with multiple partners. 


Shatter-proof with a limited Lifetime Warranty

The Process

What quality means...

Every one of our toys takes over 40 hours to make because of our thorough Kiln process. After sculpting the toy by hand, our glassmaker then puts the piece into the Kiln at 1050 degrees for over 4 hours which makes sure that the temperature on the outside of the glass is the same on the inside.


This helps to make sure the glass is solid through and through with no air bubbles or inconsistencies within the toy. Afterwards, the product is very slowly cooled down over more than a day to make sure that the molecules are relaxed and in alignment to ensure that there is no stress within the glass.


Stress in the glass will cause it to be more fragile and more likely to crack or break over time. You can see stress (or strains as some call it) when you see small cracks or rainbows using a polariscope.


Our beautiful logo, made of 24 Karat gold, is then baked into the glass so that it is bonded with the toy completely. Our logo will never wear off or chip, making it completely safe to use internally.


Many inexpensive glass toys are baked once using only a conveyor belt and torches which does not properly stabilize the molecules in the glass and causes many imperfections and stresses. This makes the toys dangerous for use in or on the body as they could break or crack. 

Our toy is guaranteed to last you a lifetime because we take the time and care to make sure that every single toy we sell is perfect and of the highest quality. Every Euphoria is tested under a polariscope and inspected by our team before being packaged and sold.


  • Non-porous

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Shatter-Proof

  • Cannot discolor and will not smell overtime

  • Heats up or cools down 

  • Multi-function/ double-sided



  • Material: 100% Glass

  • Length: 12.5" (total)

  • Width: 1.5" (largest ball)

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