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Lux Velvet has a strict set of rules and regulations that all people attending our parties must follow. This allows for everyone to be safe and healthy while participating in a Lux Velvet party regardless of the location or activities happening. Each new member upon signing up must sign our membership waiver form, with no exceptions. Members need only ever do this process once but must be willing to present their identification upon request at any given event they are attending. If there is any issues when asked to present this document you will be asked to leave immediately.


Often adult events and venues will be asked about their policies surrounding the attendance of single men. Lux Velvet does allow single men to our events and thus are allowed to be members of our community. That said, we thoroughly vet all members and especially single men to make sure that they exemplify what the Lux Velvet community is. This also means that the ratio of single men to couples and female presenting or identifying people is greatly reduced then what you might find at a normal bar. Lux Velvet guarantees that our members will never feel targeted by a group of single, creepy “dudes” at our parties. While being thorough with our vetting process helps to accomplish this, a massive part of our ability to restrict that kind of negative atmosphere is by making our exclusive parties invite only. Not just anyone can walk in off the street expecting to prowl around looking for someone to take home.


Members who are single men are welcome to all parties unless otherwise noted. 


Our members are held to a high-standard of appropriate conduct at and after our events which means that if any breach of the rules, waiver and/or the law were to occur then that member will be stripped of their membership and will not be welcome back to Lux Velvet parties. We hold the right to cancel anyone's membership without need for a cause. Our one strike policy may seem overly strict but our members need to be able to trust that the staff and owners of Lux Velvet put member’s safety and comfort as a top priority always. We do not however cancel memberships based on failed relationships, awkward interactions between former lovers/ couples or any other kind of drama that might arise between our members. Unless a member has violated the rules, waiver and/or the law, the Lux Velvet team will not intervene. You are fully responsible for yourself and your actions at all times.

We expect our members to be respectful to staff and fellow members which means that under no circumstances is harassment or violence allowed or tolerated. Just because our events may differ from other establishments does not  change your responsibility to conduct yourself as a law abiding, responsible adult at all times. Receiving consent for any kind of physical contact is always necessary and expected. General creepiness, being unsafe,  and a lack of respect for boundaries will not be tolerated, this also includes belligerent behaviour due to alcohol consumption or other substances. While everyone is welcome to be a member and all members are respected equally, female presenting or identifying folks and their comfort at our events are a special priority for our team as many public environments do not create a  safe place for these people. This is not to say that female presenting people get special treatment but to highlight that our philosophy and fundamental methods of planning for events includes a focus on keeping women and female presenting/ identifying people feeling safe and comfortable.


 1. Always be respectful of staff and other members. Harassment, violence and bigotry will not be tolerated at anytime both during events and outside of them between community members. We are inclusive of all LGBTQ2A+ people, along with folks of different nationalities or ethnicities, abilities or disabilities, sizes and so forth. Discrimination and hate speech is grounds for rescinding membership immediately, without refund.


2. All interactions, physical or otherwise must be consensual.


3. While alcohol consumption is allowed at our parties, being belligerent, disorderly or passing out is not. 


4. No consumption of illegal drugs on the premise during a Lux Velvet event.


5. Bring minimal possessions with you as Lux Velvet is not liable nor responsible for lost or stolen items.


6. All members must be clean with no unpleasant odor (including but not limited too an abundance of cologne or perfume), appropriately dressed for the event and be respectful of the people and space around them at all times. It is your responsibility to be tested regularly and make sure you are free or any STI's or Communicable diseases.

7. All purchases at events such as coat check, alcohol and/or food are the responsibility of the individual member to pay for unless otherwise specified on the event listing. Failure to pay for your order(s) at events will result in termination of your membership and you will be responsible for that debt.


8. Keep the identities and activities of our members at events confidential. What happens at Lux Velvet events, stays at Lux Velvet events. Discretion is incredibly important and consistent breach of this will lead to expulsion from events and membership.


9. Your membership is for the personal use of individual members and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors, organizations, government bodies, media organizations or companies. Memberships are not transferable between people or couples.

Policy on Accessibility

We do our best to find venues which are accessible throughout Ottawa so that everyone feels welcome to come and participate. While getting an accessible venue is not always possible, we will clarify on the event itself whether the venue is accessible. 

Policy on Trans* Inclusiveness

We are 100% welcoming and inclusive of all gender and sexual identities and we work hard to make sure everyone feels included and safe. 

While signing up for the membership, folks will have to provide their legal name on the waiver form however this information is private and there is an additional area where members can input their chosen name. We do this simply for legal reasons however it is important to note that whatever name you want to be called is the name that will be used, always.

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