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A Statement to Our Community

In light of recent news of the Corona virus spreading across the world and now into Ottawa we are being proactive to make sure that we are transparent with our community and venues. Given the nature of our parties, we have always prioritized the safety and health of our members and guests. While it deeply hurts us to postpone our events for this Spring, our community, staff and our families are our number one priority. We fully intend to reschedule these events when it is safe to host them once again and hope that you will support us in this decision. While this time will be difficult for everyone including businesses like ours across Ottawa and beyond, it is a time for us to be careful and vigilant. Fear-mongering and false facts are simply not the way to combat this virus but rather understanding that we have the power to limit the spread of COVID-19. By limiting our exposure to large spaces with many people and consistently washing our hands, we can do our part to help those in our community whose immune systems may be compromised. This is not the time to panic and while both Nicole and myself (Alexandria) have struggled the last couple of days in deciding what is best for our community and our families, we are still remaining strong and informed.

We absolutely love our community and it has been a core value of ours since the very beginning to prioritize the safety and health of everyone of our guests and members. We will be refunding tickets for all of March and April and we will assess closer to whether we need to reschedule into May as well.

Stay Safe & Healthy.We will be continuing to inform folks on our social media and through our newsletter. We hope to see your beautiful faces very soon and get back to playing.

Alexandria & Nicole

Lux Velvet


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